Tom Grennan | 2023 UK Arena Tour

In March, we had the pleasure of working with Tom and his team to bring his arena tour to life with a complete production design, visual content and direction, special effects, and programming.

The focus of the design and visual direction was to provide a bold, distinctive production that supports Tom and his energy as he went through a carefully constructed set from high-energy pop anthems to more emotional ballads.


The stage design included a 9x3m thrust into the audience, alongside 7m stage extensions at either side, creating an enormous 32m wide performance area for Tom to connect with more fans in the audience.

A glimpse behind the scenes


The lighting design followed the overall production direction of being clean and bold, allowing it to be visually interesting during slower moments, whilst packing a punch and supporting Tom’s high-energy performances.

The lighting rig consisted of Ayrton Perseo’s and Khamsin’s, GLP JDC’s, Clay Paky Mythos, and ChromaQ ColourForce.  Key light was controlled by FollowMe.

A big thanks to LCR for their support in supplying all lighting equipment.


The visuals were a mixture of new content, live cameras, and visual treatments of the live cameras.  Working closely with Vis-a-Vis, who also provided media servers, cameras and PPU for the tour, VideoDust was used to create live video effects alongside custom content and visual masks.

The content we produced ranged from intimate polaroids made from Tom’s personal collection of photos as a child in “Here”, animated lyrics in “Remind Me”, to animated multi-coloured lips in “Psychedelic Kisses”.

Show credits

Production design, content creation, show programming: Zeal

Management: John Dawkins / Various Artists
Label: Insanity Records

Tour manager: Doug Dalzeil
Production manager: Pete Hozier
Production assistant: Naomi Black
Touring lighting director: Jaz Hewitt
Media server engineer: Stu Smith
Video director: Darren Montague
Stage manager: Leon Banks
Tour rigger: Sean Pagel
FOH: Andy Carrington
Monitors: Ben Bannister
Backline: Jamie Christ, Sean Davenport
Set carpenter: Chris Bridges

Lighting supplier: LCR
Video supplier: LED Shed
Cameras, media servers and PPU: Vis a Vis
SFX supplier: AC Lasers
Audio supplier: Solotech
Trucking: Stagetruck
Rehearsal facility: Production Park

Musical director: Danny Connors
Bass: Julia Lamb
Keys: Howard Eastwood
Backing vocals: Angel Silvera, Petra Luke

Photos: Luke Dyson
Video: Becky Garner