Longleat | Land of Light

2020 was an unusual year for all of us, which is why it was more important than ever to create experiences that you could safely attend to stimulate your imagination and immerse yourself in an enchanting environment.

We were proud to partner with Longleat to design and produce a brand new one-off experience, and in less than 6 months, launched the unique Land of Light.

intelligent lights
+ static lights
+ individually controlled pixels
+ metres of cable
unmissable experience

Bursting with imagination and packed full of technology, the Land of Light featured brand new installations that were specially created in house for the one-off event.

On top of the hundreds of lights and speakers, we provided and installed scent machines, projection, a host of atmospheric and water effects, and a 2,600 square foot immersive laser room, all of which was synchronised together and controlled from a central location with the latest, most innovative technology to bring the magic of Longleat to life as one.

We are committed to making the most imaginative experiences and are proud to have been able to work closely with Longleat in creating the Land of Light even in such unusual circumstances.

For now, let us take you on the journey once again…

The extraordinary journey takes you on a 2km walk through the stunning grounds before transporting you into a multisensory world that we built from the ground up.

The Vibrant Grounds

Welcome to the Land of Light

Arriving at the start of the Land of Light journey, you are greeted by a 180 metre long light curtain, made up of over 5,000 individual LED balls.

In the surrounding areas, trees, buildings and the West face of Longleat House are saturated in colour and changing to match the LED curtain.

A piece of newly composed music, especially for the Land of Light accompanies the custom content and programming of the area.

House of Light

The next step of your journey is Longleat House which features a lighting and effects show featuring the appearance of ‘fireworks’ through to highlighting individual windows and bringing the iconic Grade I listed mansion to life.

As well as the house, twelve 8 metre water jets are installed and programmed as part of the show, meaning there’s something going on wherever you look.

The Seasons of Longleat

Spring Meadow

As you walk into the first of the four seasons at Longleat, you find Spring breathing life into the east face of Longleat House, the sun maze, and lake.

Set to an uplifting original composition of music, over 200 lights are positioned in hedges glowing and creating patterns across the sun maze, synchronised with constantly changing light projections on to the house.

Simultaneously, magical projections of animals running and leaping in time to sound effects are brought to life with a huge surface of water being pumped up from the lake.

Summer Storm

As you leave the magic of Spring, you find yourself in an ever-changing environment that goes from the warm and peaceful feelings of summer to dramatic thunder and lighting effects.

Created with thousands of individual LED lights installed in Longleat’s Yew Trees, the effect of electrical storms within the trees are synchronised with audio effects.  On the opposite side of your path, Lime Trees create a natural texture of lights which snap to a cold white and strobe in time with even more speakers, ensuring you are immersed in the feeling of being in a thunderstorm.

Autumn Walk

A more peaceful and slow-paced walk through Autumn, surrounded by warm colours and leafy textures that illuminate the stunning peacock gardens and North side of Longleat House and the Butchery.

As you walk through the beautiful gardens, audio effects of leaves being crunched underfoot gently repeats itself.

Winter Wonderland

Enter the romantic atmosphere of Longleat’s Love Maze.

You find yourself immersed in the love maze, surrounded by heart-shaped structures lined with bright cool white light and a glistening mirror ball, with thousands of fairy lights and haze to enhance the magical environment.

We also know of at least 8 proposals to take place within this romantic Winter Wonderland, congratulations!

The Mystical Grounds

The Secret Garden

Escape reality as you enter a magical garden full of vibrant colours.

The secret garden has come to life in giant flowers, with lights recreating colours of the rainbow across the ground and the natural gardens.

Mystical Jungle

As you approach, you follow the path to an underlying percussion rhythm that builds and continues throughout the area.

As you enter Mystical Jungle you are surrounded by audio, lighting and atmospheric effects.  With lights reacting to multiple sounds of monkeys bouncing high up in the trees and from within the bushes, additional bursts of smoke come out from the ground engulfing the area as you walk.


As you leave the Mystical Jungle you enter an area filled with constantly moving fireflies.  Created by multiple lasers, you are immersed in both moving light and the sounds of fireflies all around you.

Adventure Transition

At the end of the mystical grounds, you are transitioned through a fairy light pathway with glistening sounds which finishes at Adventure Castle with knights and archers and the sound effects of battle.

The Multisensory World

The Portal

With a dramatic change in dynamic, the 70m long Portal is a symbol of transition to the multi-sensory world that awaits.

Designed and built in house specifically for the Land of Light, tens of thousands of pixels are controlled to create a futuristic and fast-paced tunnel that is programmed to yet another newly composed soundtrack.

Beat Boxes

Hear the intricate sounds and see the flashes of light from over 100 boxes that react to audio effects, all of which are constantly changing and evolving as you walk down the path so you never see or hear the same thing depending upon where you are stood.


A 40m long sensory tunnel, with branches reclaimed from Longleat’s grounds glowing vibrantly from ultraviolet light and the scents of bubble gum and citrus fruits.


Hear the steady heartbeats and big flashes of light as you approach, before another short show of ‘silent fireworks’ begins.

Custom made in house from tens of thousands of individual pixels, 23x eight-metre high ‘fireworks’ begin to build replicating the effects of comets with trails following them and then disappearing, along with a building atmosphere of smoke and haze.

Set to an elevating soundtrack, the fireworks finally transition to recreate the effect of a pyrotechnic waterfall.

The Laser Show

Step into a 2,600 square foot covid secure world surrounded by mirrors, lights and lasers for the final immersive show in the Land of Light journey.

Lights and lasers create an immersive experience that slowly builds from darkness, to scanning lasers above you, before breaking out and surrounding you with thousands of beams reflecting from the mirrors.


Artisan & Christmas Markets

As you complete your journey of the Land of Light, you finish in a warm and festive artisan market, surrounded by Christmas trees and thousands of individual warm glowing lights.