Christmas at Longleat

Following the success of the bespoke one-off experience we created in 2020 for Longleat’s Land of Light, we were delighted to be asked to create yet another one-off experience for 2021.

This time the experience was focused on Christmas and bringing the grounds to come to life as night falls with a magical and festive feel.

We had the pleasure to partner with Longleat in designing and producing the brand new event which ran from November 2021 to January 2022 and was attended by over 130,000 guests.

See some of the photos from what our team created, built and delivered below.

Zeal project management: Daisy Mercedes, Ryan Dell

Zeal illuminology and creative direction team: Andy Jones, Daisy Mercedes

Zeal content and programming team: Andy Jones, Jake Humphries, Jon Trincas, Zak Norman

Zeal production team: Adrian Blanch, Ali Hamilton, Andy Melleney, Barry White, Christian Butler, James Johnson, James Long, James Perret, Phil Wood, Richard Fagan, Rob Lloyd, Russel Parker, Russel Preston, Sam Stapley, Tim Williams

Original music composition: Sydney Bull

Transport: Stagetruck

Catering: Mrs B’s Catering

Local crew: Gallowglass

Special thanks to: ARN CNC Frome, EnvisioAV, Flat Earth, FX-Live, GroundScan, Hire Standards, JIGantics, Planet Gold