Alesso | Together Again

Alesso presents Together Again.

It was a pleasure to create the production design for Alesso’s “Together Again” which took place in downtown Los Angeles for 18,000 people over 2 nights.

Show and Production Design: Zeal
Management: Shalizi Group
Agent: Ben Hogan / United Talent
Tour Manager: James Nugent
Production Manager: Ian Gotts
Head Rigger: Robert Slepicka
Lighting Director: Kevin Celestial / Visual Artform
Video Director: Josh Gallagher
Video Operator: Michael DeMattia
Content: Comix / Thundercode
Lighting Vendor: Felix Lighting
Video Vendor: Screenworks
Lasers & Pyro: JDLFX
Structure & Staging: Aspect
Promotor: Jasper Li
Producer: Amy Beerup
Production Manager: Jesse Morales
Photos: Eddie Diaz