Land Of Light Launches

It all started with a blank piece of paper less than 6 months ago, and after mixing bundles of imagination, literally truck loads of technology, and an incredible team of creators and engineers, a new extraordinary event has been created.

We’re incredibly proud to have partnered with Longleat to develop, design and produce the brand new and unique experience, the Land of Light.

Built from the ground up, the Land of Light takes you on a journey through several stunning and unique areas, and features a host of bespoke creations which include everything from architectural lighting through to a mesmerising world of senses.

The 2km journey features 688 lights, 255 speakers, over 72,000 individually controlled pixels, scent machines, projection, a host of atmospheric and water effects, and even a 2,600 square foot immersive laser room. All of which is synchronised together with more than 38,000 metres of cable and the latest in technology, bringing the magic of Longleat’s grounds to life as one.

Although postponed until December, we can’t wait for you and the thousands of others to have the opportunity to experience the journey of Longleat’s Land of Light.

Read more about the project here.