The Streets

When Mike Skinner announced he was bringing The Streets back for the first shows in over 7 years we couldn’t wait, so you can just imagine our excitement when we were asked to design the show.

April 2018 saw The Streets back on the road across Europe, warming up with shows in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, before heading to Ireland and the UK, ending with 3 absolutely packed performances at the iconic Brixton Academy.

Photos from the 2018 comeback tour

Since those incredible come back shows, we’ve designed and toured festivals and a second headline tour of the UK and Europe in 2019.

Raw and relentless energy

For anyone who has been fortunate to witness Mike Skinner and The Streets in real life, you will know the energy that is generated in the room.  What you may not know is how each and every show is truly unique, something which is increasingly rare.

Our responsibility as visual and production designers is to help capture the energy and enhance it.  The show takes you on a journey, from intense moments (which typically result in Mike or several people in the audience crowd surfing), through to more intimate and emotional moments.

Designing for the experience

These moments became the driving force behind the designs, programming and production of all of the shows, with Mike being the key curator and architect of the audience experience.

The designs therefore followed simple, bold and clean setups, and the magic came from the lighting programming which is incredibly dynamic.  Programming to realise the fast pace the show has always been an essential ingredient in the visual aspects of The Streets’ shows, and our team invests a lot of time in our studio previsualising every performance.


Since the comeback in 2018, we’ve been with The Streets at every show, including on the festival touring circuit.

Festivals always provide their own little challenges, and with such intricate show programming, adapting our show to in house lighting rigs needed careful consideration.

Headlining the John Peel stage at Glastonbury 2019

Utilising the power of GrandMA, a platform we are heavily invested in and use regularly, we came up with a quickly deployable and adaptable showfile that would allow a consistent show with the minimal time on site required.

2020 and beyond

At time of writing, the exciting plans and designs we had in store for the 2020 season are of course on hold, but we can’t wait to bring it back for you to see in 2021.