Every performance, since their first performance.

From the debut show at Seabright Arms in 2014 through to their latest world tour in 2019, we are proud to have been with Andy and James (who together are HONNE), at every performance they’ve done.

We have been the creative partners and production house for the live performances throughout the world in the last 5 years, ranging from the small underplays in major cities, through to the sell-out tours which have now been seen by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Behind the scenes at a sold out Brixton Academy, exactly 4 years after the Seabright Arms show

Designing the experience

Creating a visual atmosphere to match the late night sounds of HONNE has always been an essential part of our design process, and simplicity has always been a theme.

We have had the pleasure to not only design lighting, video and staging for tours and shows, but to completely reimagine how the production looks from band positioning and stage plots, through to the smallest of details such as cable runs and stage boxes to ensure the entire production design makes you feel like you’re in HONNE’s world.

Paying attention to every detail of your experience when attending a HONNE show has become a larger part of our work together in recent years, and one the duo are as keen to get right as we are.

These details include things such as pre and post show music playlists, ambient light levels, how to build anticipation, how the show starts, how it ends and even the length of encores.

Producing the shows across the world

With two worldwide album campaigns and numerous shows everywhere from the USA, across Europe and throughout Asia, we’ve already supported HONNE productions in over 25 countries in a range of headline shows and festivals.

These productions have included shipping equipment from the UK, or adapting to meet locally sourced production.

Behind all the designs is an intricate understanding of production limitations and therefore they have been developed to scale up or down depending on local limitations, whilst retaining the overall look and feel.

A close collaboration

The success behind the HONNE show experience is the close collaboration between our team, Andy and James, and the rest of the touring team.

Ideas are regularly shared and discussed and being able to pay attention to every detail, from a new show idea through to the final delivery, means we have been able to create the show experience from the ground up.