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We are an experiential production house, combining imagination and technology to produce powerful emotive moments you remember.

As an established production and hire company, we merged with a leading design house in 2020 to offer a new approach to how unmissable events, shows, and experiences are created and delivered.  Read more about our new approach here.

We offer you a unique and fully integrated service to conceptualise, design, produce, and deliver from under one roof.

We have a collaborative team of designers and producers, visualisation studios, and a huge stock of cutting edge audio-visual equipment.  This unique combination means we ensure every detail from start to finish is understood and considered.

It is our ambition to create a world where everyone can experience vivid moments full of life and imagination.

The Spark is a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities, a visual metaphor for our imaginative thinking.  A spark to show that behind our creativity and performance is bundles of imagination.

Our Team

Andy Jones

Special Projects Director

Chris Little

Operations Manager

Iain Wood

Operations & Production Director

Jake Humphries

Senior Designer & Programmer

Jon Trincas

Creative Director

Lee Vokes

Production Technician

Nick Clarke

Account Manager

Steve Hough

Managing Director

Vikki Parry Valeron

Office Manager

Announcement Coming Soon...

Art Director

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