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Design, control, production – See what our ‘lampies’ can do…

Backed by a team of lighting designers, programmers and engineers (more commonly known around here as our ‘lampies’), Zeal specialise in live entertainment and concert lighting.

We provide lighting for touring acts, concerts, product launches, private parties and conferences. With the in house expertise of our experienced lampies, we handle everything from initial designs and concepts, to the production and operation of the show.

With a focus on system infrastructure and control, stable and reliable lighting rigs are our top priority.



Our ‘noise boys’ do a lot more than just make noise…

In the simplest terms, our sound engineers (known more fondly as our noise boys) amplify sound to cover a huge scale of audiences.

The art of sound is far less simple though, which is why our engineers are often complimented on having a ‘good set of ears’. Whether it’s amplifying a DJ for a small group of people at a private function, or mixing a band to thousands of fans – our noise boys work hard to get the sound just right.

If you ever see one of our engineers at a show, pop over and ask them if they “really know what all those buttons do?” (they love it, just don’t tell them we sent you!)



Content design, projection, video mapping and displays…

Whether it’s a plasma screen and a power point presentation, or outdoor video screens with a live feed to allow large audiences get a clear picture of what’s on stage, we offer a video service to suit a wide variety of events.

We rely on a mixture of freelance visual designers, content creators and video engineers (and their nickname isn’t something we can put online, but we love them all unconditionally regardless), who work closely with our in house production teams to provide a visual solution to your event.



In the heat of a live show, site communication is vital…

It may not get our creative juices flowing quite like our other services, but communication is a serious and essential part of any event, and if the phone reception on many of the sites we work on is anything to go by, we would never work without it.

From traditional wired systems to wireless radios, we ensure ‘comms’ across event sites are stable and in place for everyone at the event to make sure things are running smoothly.



Where safety is items 1, 2 and 3 on the priority list…

Shows and events that require no rigging at all are few and far between. Although the most common requirements end up with the same result of flown trusses, the way in which it is achieved for each show is almost always different.

We have an experienced team and connections to trained and experienced riggers, who ensure whatever is required can be achieved effectively and most importantly, safely.



OK, it’s not the most exciting thing we do, but even we won’t deny it’s essential…

Staging for a show is often the first thing in, and the last thing out. It’s the foundation for any show or concert, and is what our lampies, noise boys and video engineers have to work around and ensures audiences can see everything.

Whether it’s a small stage without a covered roof, a mobile stage which can be towed and set up quickly, or a large covered stage for things such as an outdoor festival, we can help ensure you have the perfect stage for your requirements.



Transportation, plant hire, crew, tour support and production management…

Our success relies on solid foundations of good preparation, organization and logistics.

That’s why every time we provide any of our services, it’s handled by one of our experienced project managers who have the expertise and resources to ensure everything from a small hire through to a full production in an arena is handled professionally.

We also liase with any additional contractors on your behalf to ensure any deadlines are met and every cog in the wheel turns as it should do.

Our project and production managers pull everything together to ensure equipment, crew and access equipment is transported and delivered on time, and every show is prepared to the highest standards.

Special Effects

Special Effects

Want something really special for your event?  Providing special effects is something we love doing.

From innovative effects to traditional solutions, adding special effects to your event will make it, well, special!

Due to the developments in technology and having in house crew who are also qualified pyrotechnicians mean that these exciting effects are often not as expensive as you might think, or look!

Special effects we can provide are:

Fireworks (both indoors and outdoors)
Strobe lighting
Dry ice

Recent News

2014 Lagos Countdown


The crossover between 2014 and 2015 was certainly one to remember for us... In October 2014 we were approached and asked if we would design and produce the lighting for a show in Lagos, Nigeria for the 2014 Lagos Countdown.  Jonesy was quickly nominated to create the design for what we quickly realised was a large event for over 100,000 people and that would be televised on Nigerian State TV.  Steve immediately stepped up to lead the project and ensure its delivery.   We were very pleased to be asked to be provide lighting services to the show - there was

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Basingstoke’s 2014 Show


We love ambitious shows, and we think it's safe to say Basingstoke Gymnastic Club's annual Christmas Show is one of them, to the envy of many other clubs across the UK. The local club always manages to pull of 5 incredible performances, delivered with exceptional professionalism, and this year was no different! 2014 saw 42 Robe lighting fixtures, combined with a flown Dynacord Cobra line array system, an impressive kabuki drop and pyrotechnics in each show.  With Steve taking the hot seat behind the lighting desk, there was of course another Hog Full Boar 4 console driving it all.   We're

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Portable WYSIWYG Suite


We have recently invested in a complete and portable WYSIWYG visualisation suite which is now also available for hire. The suite which has been in use nearly every day for several weeks allows our designers, programmers and operators to perfect the shows they are working on in the comfort of our offices, before the rig is even in place! It also gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with a realistic visualisation of what our designers will produce well before the show itself. Also available for hire; Includes everything you'd expect; PC with wireless keyboard and mouse, 23" multi-touch

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  • Steve Hough and his staff of sound engineers, lighting technicians, stage and camera crew were absolutely sensational

    Mark Lipetz, Crown Heights Affair Management
  • The night was a spectacular success, with perfect sound, lighting and stage management, but this alone does not begin to describe their professionalism, technical acumen and people skills (especially with extremely demanding US acts)

    Morgan Khan, Street Sounds CEO
  • Hugely professional and outstanding

    Bill Curtis, Fatback Band
  • Many companies weren’t able to construct our design, however Steve and the team took our enquiry, not only to give us exactly what we needed, but made the staging 10 times better and stronger, suggesting ideas we thought weren’t possible, and made them possible

    Mike Wilson, 3Run
  • You are the king of light sir

    Mike Holdsworth, Photographer

Creative Design

We have a passionate, dedicated and most importantly incredibly creative internal team of designers. To support them in their creativity, we own the latest versions of industry leading visualisation software WYSIWYG. You can often find them here late at night, or during the early hours of the morning designing and programming shows.

We provide clients with detailed renders of their shows, and can even produce videos from our virtual world of lighting design, bringing you as close to the real thing as you can get.


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